Caerien was created in Paris in 2017 by Carmen Kiss.


I am always saying that it wasn’t me who chose the lingerie world but that lingerie chose me. Today I can say that being a lingerie designer is what I was meant to be and this is what I want to do every day.

It wasn’t always that clear.

For as long as I can remember, I always had a strong feeling to express myself through art ; literature, dance, painting, music and creating beautiful things by hand was my world apart from my studies.

It might seem from the outside that somehow I was in a closed world, but it was an infinitely large universe that brought me absolute freedom and happiness.

It was a logical choice for me to continue my studies as a fashion designer : I could express my passion for drawing and creating. Bringing life to something you can wear is an amazing feeling.

However, during my university in Paris I realized that the fashion world is really pushing and most of the time superficial.

For me fashion means far more than nice clothing.

I believe that I can give more to the world as a lingerie designer than with anything else : I can express my actual impressions and my way of thinking about the world.

I have always been concerned by Woman position in our society. There is a huge pressure on women' shoulders where we have to cope with different situations.

In our stressful, everyday life we are paying too much attention to how we look like in front of others but maybe sometimes we forget to do something for ourselves and ennoble our souls.

We should listen more often to our inner voice. We need dreams in our life, to give us energy and to keep us going on the right path. 

Lingerie is not just a necessary piece that we have to wear every day.

It’s the closest contact with our body, empowering us in an unremarked way and reminding us that even if we are fragile humans we are capable to do whatever is in our heart.

There are no restricting rules and no limit compressing our mind and body.

We are free souls and we need to feel this touch on our body because what we are holding inside, we will express it to the world. 

My goal is to invite you for this journey, to give this exceptional feeling to women, just a soft and delicate touch to bring their inner smile, to make themselves feel sensual and precious.

Because we are all unique. 


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