Caerien touches the roof of a woman's most inner toughts.

Dreams are in the mind and in the heart.

She will open doors and close them. What would happen if she decides to break the rhythm and start to dance on her inner tone...

Fusion of painting, dance and litterature.

Tradition meets modernity.

Caerien Collage

As far as I can remember, I always had a very stong desire to express myself through Art. When I was dancing, painting, writing a poem, I was relieved ; I was understanding my inner feelings and was filled with energy. It was my own safe and magical world where I went back from time to time...


She is interested in every Art, musique, poetry, dance, literature...

When she undresses, she can be herself and she can live for her dreams...

She doesn't boast. She doesn't need to get noticed, she is noble and subtle.

She is always free in her heart and her mind.

Her lingerie is reflecting her spirit, her actual impressions and her feelings.

Comfort and elegance is very important to her.

Her lingerie is like her spirit, a delicate breathe

Fabric Philosophy

We believe that the essential of a luxury lingerie is starts with the right fabric. It is in direct contact with our body and the most important to feel ultimate comfort and softness.

Fabrics Caerien

During the design process I searched and experimented with the best materials around the world. One thing is for sure silk gives the most delicate touch on body.

Como (Italy) is well knewn about their silk tradition. I worked closely with one of the best manufacturer (Teseo) to develop my handpainted print-design on their delicate silk-georgette.


It is also necessary to mention lace when it comes to lingerie. The traditional French house Dentelle de Calais has over 200 years experiences of traditional craftsmanship.

But what gives a real identity for a brand? Of course, unique design! Apart from printdesign on silk, I have been choosen by Maison Lesage (Chanel Group) as a Young Designer Talent.

Lesage Embroiedery Carmen

This exceptional opportunity gave me a chance to learn the traditional handmade embroidery technic. During the training I developed my own embroidery design with their amazing technics.

Nuisette The Muse Focus Embroiedery

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